OnHand PC Downloads
Some programs I wrote/ported to the OnHand PC:

* A modified version of the best text viewer for onHand/Ruputer:  Naiview with support for OnHand's encrypted files, bundled with OnHand Encryption/Decryption utility  (Version 1.04b, updated 10/00. Naiview was originally written by Yagshi, ported to OnHand by Chris Clark).   Read the instructions

* OnHand Encryption/Decryption utility.  with a decrypt utility based on TinyText. (Version 1.0b, updated 10/00).  Read the instructions
* Ruputer version of the Encryption/Decryption utility.

* Onhand Quran v0.5  the complete Quran in Arabic for Onhand or Ruputer watches.

* AView.exf: a program to view Arabic text in Arabic Windows encoding (CP-1256). Read the instructions.

* Hijri.exf : a program to convert today's date to the Islamic "Hijri" date. (Version 0.9, updated 9/00).

* Salat.exf : a program to calculate Islamic prayer times in over 20+ different cities worldwide.  (Version 1.03)

* A paper on using the onHand PC as a security tool: Wearable Security Services

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